What Body Corporate Managers Do for Your Organisation

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Do you own an investment property in Brisbane that is part of a body corporate? Or, do you live in one? Either way, running a body corporate involves processing and getting a variety of documents, such as agendas, minutes, emails, and notices. To streamline these tasks, you should have someone to take the responsibility of managing them, and this is where body corporate managers Brisbane has come in. Basically, they look after the administration of your corporate community and help all owners keep up with the obligations that they should follow under the rule of law. So, what do these professionals do for your organisation?

  • They act as secretaries or treasurers.

Typically, Brisbane body corporate managers would perform important administrative tasks a secretary or a treasurer would do. These include (but not limited to) organising and calling meetings, managing certain finances, processing and notices, and sending out minutes.

  • They organise maintenance of property.

When your corporation owns a common property, these managers have a significant role in its upkeep. Though it is not part of their role to maintain it, they would organise and arrange maintenance work if asked by the committee to do so.

  • They can exercise the powers of a chairperson if necessary.

In some situations, body corporate managers Brisbane has are commissioned to carry through a chairperson’s powers. For example, when an elected chairperson is not present, these professionals can preside a meeting. Similarly, they can also exercise this power if the chairperson position is vacant.

However, even with the absence of a chairperson, the powers of a committee are not reduced by such an authority given to these managers. This means that committee members can still act within their authority.

  • They manage funds.

Whether your body corporate has a committee or not, these managers can manage your administrative and sinking funds if they are delegated to do so. However, there are certain rules that they should follow. These include complying with the sections of the regulations related to such funds and preparing a reconciliation statement within a specified period of time. The statement should show important details, such as cash flows, invoices, and other financial documents.

  • They can function as a committee themselves.

Body corporate managers in Brisbane would also carry out all functions of a committee when there is none, which means they have the power to perform the tasks that should have been assigned to each member. In a way, they will make the decisions that a committee would generally make.

  • They manage all the people involved in your organisation.

Aside from ensuring that your organisation is compliant with the required processes and regulations governing body corporates, these managers will also attend to the requests of the members of your organisation or deal with issues among them. They would listen to concerns and help implement solutions to address them.

Generally, the roles of these professionals would differ depending on whether or not your body corporate has a committee. If there is one, these people are entitled to help assist it in many ways. If there is none, these managers will be delegated to take on the tasks a committee would generally perform.

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