Commercial Painting Is More Than Just About Pretty Walls

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Painting a house or a building is more difficult than it appears. To those who did not know any better, it involves running up and down a paint brush onto walls. However, there is more to painting a building than meets the eye. It involves using the right tools and technique to ensure that the paint will last for several years and can withstand the wear and tear of the weather. When it comes to commercial painting, it’s an entirely different ball game. A commercial property should be able to consider the impression that it will make to your business image. If you are operating in the Gold Coast area, it is important to find reputable Gold Coast painters that will help you achieve functionality, aesthetics, and boost the appearance of your commercial area.


Gold Coast Painters

A good painting contractor will consider its clients’ interests and goals in mind. To find out how you can communicate your needs based on the commercial painting services offered by Gold Coast painters, take note of these important factors:


As a business, you should have already created a brand at this point and that includes choosing a brand color. If possible, use this same color when painting the commercial building. This will reinforce the brand and makes it easier for your clients to recognize your brand. Make sure to keep the entire painting neat and professional-looking; it does not mean that you should contain your creativity. However, you need to consider the professional impression that you can make with your target audience.


A good commercial paint service always involve an adequate amount of preparation. A professional painter will invest time to thoroughly clean up the surface of the walls and treat them prior to the actual painting process. This will ensure that the paint will last and that it can withstand environmental factors. There is nothing worse than having to paint your entire commercial building only to have it re-painted within the next year or so.

Quality Control

Even though commercial painters have their own process to follow, you need to be able to have your input on how the painting job is to be done. Before agreeing to a contract with a commercial painter, ask for a detailed list of information on materials, color, and time frame of the project. These factors are crucial in not only ensuring that you get the results you want but to finish the project in your allotted time frame to avoid excess cost.

Type of Paint

The quality of paint used is the single most important factor to consider when hiring a painting contractor. You should, therefore, take this into account when you are considering which contractor to hire. If you have a preferred type of paint, let it be known to them.

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