College Life Solutions: Tips for Smart Packing

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Time to pack up and move in! Getting everything together for your dorm or new apartment may be nerve-racking, but these tips will help you get organized and make the transition a little easier. This article serves as your guide on how to pack smart when you move out to dorms or any ACU accommodation Brisbane has to offer:

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Make a list

Writing out all you need to bring will help make sure you pack everything. Especially once you are getting close to your move-in day and things are getting really busy. This will help reduce stress and keep things in order when you get to your ACU accommodation Brisbane has today all tired and stressed.

Mark off your closet

Space is definitely limited in the dorms or any ACU accommodation Brisbane offers when it comes to closet space. Try to find out the approximate size of the closet area you will have in your room. Then mark off a section of your closet in your room and start planning around what you have. Think about leaving behind seasonal clothing and items you don’t love. Also, think about bringing practical clothing as well. Even though you plan on dressing cute to class, there will be days where all you have time to put on is a t-shirt and running shorts.

Keep items grouped

Once you are in the QUT Kelvin Grove accommodation student dorm rooms and ready to unload all your stuff, you don’t want to be looking for your shoes in every bag you brought. By keeping things grouped, it will be easier to tackle the overwhelming unpacking process.

Use disposable bags to pack

When packing for college, you don’t want to bring a huge suitcase to your dorm because you would have to deal with storing it afterward. If you plan on using suitcases or other bulky packing items, be sure you have a plan to store them or are going to take them back home. Plastic bags work great for food items, bedding, and other small items. Another tip is placing items in bags you are already bringing, such as putting your shoes into your overnight bag. Be sure to utilize what you have already.

Fit as much as you can

If you are bringing plastic storage into your student accommodation Brisbane cheap dorm room, try to fit as much as you can into what you have already purchased. It may take a few tries to get the perfect fit, but don’t get frustrated in the process. Take your time. You don’t want to spend more money on another storage unit when you could buy a new clothing item instead!


Move-in day can be really hectic and your items may get lost in the mix. Most colleges have helpers to assist you move-in your things, but you need to have your items labeled to make sure they get put in the right place. Write your name, dorm and room number on everything you bring. Masking tape is perfect because it is easy to remove without gooey residue.

Just in case…

Worst case scenario, you may want to pack a small overnight bag with a change of clothes and other small toiletries like a toothbrush. It never hurts to be prepared and this will help ease the worry about something going wrong when you move-in. Another thing you want to keep in mind when you are moving into your dorm is not to wear your favorite clothing. A spirit shirt from your college and shorts are a great idea and you can always change once you get everything settled.


Packing everything you are going to need for a semester or more can be stressful, but try to have fun with it! Even if you forget something, just be ready to make a quick run to the local Target or Walmart! Looking for tips on how to find your ideal dorm room for college accommodation for students in Brisbane? Browse for local selections at websites like

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