Which Kind of Commercial Refrigeration Do You Need?

Girlie Hawthorn | July 24, 2018 | 0

For those who run a business related to food and other perishables, there is no other choice but to rely on refrigeration commercial repair and installation. This ensures that the establishment complies with handling and safety codes as declared by the FSANZ.

Refrigeration Commercial Repair

However, the needs vary for each business. What could be enough for one may not be suitable for another? So, how can you tell what type of cooling system you should get? Take a look at the options available and figure it out yourself.


From its name alone, you can tell that it’s the kind wherein you reach in to grab what you want. These are typically used in restaurants for the back of the house operations. You can get them with solid or glass doors at full or half length. These need to be kept away from the cooking area though or you may have to call for refrigeration commercial repair sooner than expected.

Under Counter

These are pretty similar to the above, especially when it comes to power. The difference is that they are shorter and can fit into smaller spaces hence the name. They are meant to store only items that you would need access to right away, such as milk, cream, juices, and mayonnaise. Go for these if your establishment can’t fit more than one reach-in freezer. Click here NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Cold Rooms

Often hidden at the back, these are most prevalent in the fresh produce, seafood, and meat industries. Mostly, they’re used by wholesale businesses who store items in bulk though they can also be found in beverage shops. A coolroom builder Melbourne wide needs to be contacted to set this up to ensure that there will be no leaks or any other problems from the get-go.

Prep Tables

You’ve probably seen one of these being used by a catering business but they are also common in cook lines and preparation areas. There are two main types namely salad/sandwich tables and pizza prep tables. They help keep ingredients fresh and cold while dishes are being put together. Expect them to have a wide temperature range and castors for easy mobility.

Glycol Chillers

A more unique kind of commercial refrigeration system and less common than the others on this list. When it comes to a glycol chiller brewery businesses appreciate it the most. Other producers of beverages make use of this kind of equipment too. It enables you to lower the temperature of your product in a short span of time and often involves the use of antifreeze.


In contrast to glycol chillers, this is the fridge that even customers recognise. They are meant to be placed in the front of your restaurant or establishment. Often, they are equipped with glass doors so it’s easier to know what’s inside them. Most of the stuff stored here are perishables like fruits, pop, pastries, baked goods, and even ice cream.

Once you’ve figured out what type of setup you require, be sure to acquire it only from a reliable provider like NKS Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Not only do they install equipment but they also offer refrigeration commercial repair. They are one of the best companies to contact for your commercial refrigeration needs in Australia.

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