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Updated: 06-Mar-2014
Cenrtal Heating Radiator

Latest news...

19-November-2014:  The 2014 survey results have been updated with the latest changes and cost saving since the survey.

12-November-2014:  The fridge and /freezer page and the fridge and freezers in the garage page in the electrical section. have been updated with more information.

31-October-2014:  More information has been added to the central heating control and thermostatic radiator valve pages in the heating section.

13-October-2014:  More faults have been added to the thermostatic radiator valve and radiator fault finding pages in the heating section.

08-October-2014:  Setting up and balancing the central heating system has been updated with new information.

23-September-2014:  More tips to save electricity has gained even more useful tips to save electricity.

10-September-2014:  The lighting pages in the electrical section have been updated with more information.

03-September-2014:  The electrical measurement tips have been updated in the miscellaneous section.

2007 SIte History

A brief 2007 history of Practical Home Energy Saving which aims to save you money and aid practical energy saving to help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

24-December: Page of miscellaneous heat reduction information added.

14-December: Vista settings added to section on computers. Minor update to Setting Up Central Heating.

4-December: Section on computers expanded to include details of setting up for maximum energy saving.

23-November: Loft insulation page added. Insulating hot water pipes updated, balancing central heating systems updated.

10-November: Latest electricity costs and CO2 savings added.

4-November: Central heating pipe insulation page updated. Washing machine page updated. Simple tips to save heat updated.

21-October: Water section updated and latest cost and use figures added.

8-October: 2006/7 Heating costs and CO2 savings added. Heating section updated with latest information.

1-October: Page on televisions added.

8-September: Simple Tips To Save Water updated. Computer page updated.

29-August: Latest electricity usage, cost and CO2 savings added.

24-July: Simple Tips for Electricity, Heating and Water updated and expanded.

22-June: Two new remote control switch reviews added to Review pages.

5-June: Review pages added to the Misc section with the first review on a remote control switch pack. More reviews coming over the next few months.

18-May: Carbon dioxide savings added to electrical section. Simple electricity saving tips updated. Conversion page updated.

7-May: Carbon dioxide generation figures added to conversion factors page. Carbon savings added to heating section.

23-April: Page on Pressurised Hot Water Systems added. Rainwater storageincreased.

14-April: Latest water costs and water use added. Links page updated.

2-April: Electrical section revised and brought up to date. SImple Electricity Saving Tips and Computer Energy Saving Tips updated. Latest electricity costs added.

18-March: 2007 Water Survey results added. Extra information added to section on water.

14-February: New page on pipe insulation added to Heating section. General tidy up of Heating section.

5-February: New checklists added for electricity, heating and water. Improvements to the survey process in Electricity, Heating and Water.

24-January: Heating section updated with new information on balancing and setting up central heating, page added with temperature measuring tips, central heating balancing checklist added. Links page updated.

7-January: Heating section updated with new information. Page on balancing and setting up central heating added

1-January: Link to Energy Miser blog added. Page covering rechargeable batteries added. Electrical section updated.

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