Practical Home Energy Saving
Updated: 06-Mar-2014
Cenrtal Heating Radiator

Latest news...

The energy saving lighting pages in the electrical section have been updated. Check out the lighting FAQ if you need help with the terminology.

The simple computer electricity saving tips and the computer electricity saving page have been updated, they can all be found in the electrical section.

The lighting failure page in the energy saving lighting section has been updated with the latest failure information.

The dishwasher page has been updated plus more tips have been added to the washing machine energy saving page in the electricity saving and water saving sections,

Simple tips have been added to the washing machine energy saving page in the electricity saving and water saving sections,

More information has been added to the page on toilet cisterns in the water saving section.

More ideas have been added to the miscellaneous heat saving page.

2007 SIte History

A brief 2007 history of Practical Home Energy Saving which aims to save you money and aid practical energy saving to help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

24-December: Page of miscellaneous heat reduction information added.

14-December: Vista settings added to section on computers. Minor update to Setting Up Central Heating.

4-December: Section on computers expanded to include details of setting up for maximum energy saving.

23-November: Loft insulation page added. Insulating hot water pipes updated, balancing central heating systems updated.

10-November: Latest electricity costs and CO2 savings added.

4-November: Central heating pipe insulation page updated. Washing machine page updated. Simple tips to save heat updated.

21-October: Water section updated and latest cost and use figures added.

8-October: 2006/7 Heating costs and CO2 savings added. Heating section updated with latest information.

1-October: Page on televisions added.

8-September: Simple Tips To Save Water updated. Computer page updated.

29-August: Latest electricity usage, cost and CO2 savings added.

24-July: Simple Tips for Electricity, Heating and Water updated and expanded.

22-June: Two new remote control switch reviews added to Review pages.

5-June: Review pages added to the Misc section with the first review on a remote control switch pack. More reviews coming over the next few months.

18-May: Carbon dioxide savings added to electrical section. Simple electricity saving tips updated. Conversion page updated.

7-May: Carbon dioxide generation figures added to conversion factors page. Carbon savings added to heating section.

23-April: Page on Pressurised Hot Water Systems added. Rainwater storageincreased.

14-April: Latest water costs and water use added. Links page updated.

2-April: Electrical section revised and brought up to date. SImple Electricity Saving Tips and Computer Energy Saving Tips updated. Latest electricity costs added.

18-March: 2007 Water Survey results added. Extra information added to section on water.

14-February: New page on pipe insulation added to Heating section. General tidy up of Heating section.

5-February: New checklists added for electricity, heating and water. Improvements to the survey process in Electricity, Heating and Water.

24-January: Heating section updated with new information on balancing and setting up central heating, page added with temperature measuring tips, central heating balancing checklist added. Links page updated.

7-January: Heating section updated with new information. Page on balancing and setting up central heating added

1-January: Link to Energy Miser blog added. Page covering rechargeable batteries added. Electrical section updated.

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